City of Baytown sues cancer-stricken firefighter to avoid paying insurance claims

A firefighter battling cancer is being sued by Baytown’s city government, which seeks to deny paying him insurance coverage for his treatment over the last 18 months… Mahoney prevailed in the initial benefit review conference with the TML Intergovernmental Risk Pool, the city’s administrator for workers’ compensation. After he also won an appeal, the city decided to sue in May in order to deny Mahoney’s claim, retaining an outside counsel.

Trump signs Collins & Pascrell’s Firefighter Cancer Registry Act

The legislation they authored together will require the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to develop and
maintain a voluntary registry to collect data regarding the incidence of certain cancers in firefighters. This registry will
allow researchers to have a greater understanding of the impacts that smoke inhalation and other occupational hazards
have on a firefighter's health, and is designed to lead to better treatment options.