The First Responder Center for Excellence for Reducing Occupational Illness, Injuries and Deaths, Inc., (FRCE) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. The Center receives funding through private donations from individuals, organizations, corporations and foundations. The FRCE is a National Fallen Firefighters Foundation (NFFF) affiliate organization, created in 2016. Its mission is to promote quality educational awareness and research to reduce physical and psychological health and wellness issues for first responders.

Since its inception, the NFFF has traditionally supported projects that serve its goals of honoring fallen firefighters, providing resources to survivors, and reducing firefighter deaths and injuries. Through its work in educating the firefighter community about health and disease prevention, the NFFF identified a broader need for all first responders — firefighters, law enforcement, paramedics, emergency medical technicians and other people who provide emergency services — to have access to and receive training in addressing common health, wellness and injury issues that arise due to the unique and important nature of their work. Identifying that gap in the education available to the first responder community as a whole led the NFFF to form the FRCE in 2016.

The FRCE is committed to promoting quality educational awareness and research in five main programmatic areas:

  • Cancer Prevention and awareness

  • Behavioral health

  • Cardiac

  • Health and Wellness

  • Firefighter Physical

  • Initiative


Mission Statement

The FRCE is committed to promoting quality educational awareness and research to reduce physical, emotional, and psychological health and wellness issues for first responders.

Vision Statement

The FRCE will deliver quality educational materials and factual research through a network of professionals who are committed to reducing first responder injuries and deaths through a common set of core values.



We will be responsible in our daily actions to carry out the duties of our position to meet the mission and vision of the FRCE.


We are dedicated to meeting the high expectations held for us by the people we serve and will constantly devote our time, abilities and efforts toward accomplishing the FRCE’s goals and objectives.


We will advocate for the needs of individuals faced with job-related health issues and provide comfort to those in distress.


We will strive for personal and professional excellence, and will continually work to deliver first-in-class services related to the FRCE mission.


We will carry out objectives in a truthful and honest manner, with open communication, remaining consistent in our beliefs and actions.


We believe cooperation and teamwork enable us to combine our diverse backgrounds, skills and personalities in the pursuit of our common goals and objectives. We will strive to understand and share responsibility, seek the help and cooperation of others, and offer the same to them.